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DEF CON 22 – Scavenger Hunt Floppy Disk Challenge

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If you are new to the Defcon Scavenger Hunt, this is not a typical scavenger hunt you would find at a bridal shower or cruise ship. One of the longest running contests at Defcon, the Defcon Scavenger Hunt is over all one of the most fast paced, chaos filled, and mayhem driven contests at Defcon. This year, 160 total items on the list, with 48 hours total to accumulate as many points as possible.

At The Scav Table – photo by ASTcell

Our rules are simple:

  1. The judges are always right and our decision is final. Your argument is invalid.
  2. Not Our Problem
  3. Points are awarded based on item’s corresponding value. Bonus points may be awarded for extreme style and creativity.
  4. Maximum team size == 5 players.
  5. This list supersedes any other list.
  6. We reserve the right to keep the things you turn in.
  7. Defcon Scavenger Hunt is NOT responsible for death, dismemberment, arrest, catching fire, mokingjays, or making poor decisions.
  8. Team with the most points wins the game.

When teams sign up to play, we provide them with a printed list [click for the PDF copy] containing items that teams must turn in for points. Some items must be brought to the table, others may be performed. From time to time, an item on the list can be delivered as photographic or video evidence. This year for Defcon Scavenger Hunt, we decided to add an additional challenge for the teams to wrap their heads around. A floppy disk. Where the hell does one find a floppy drive in 2014? Rule number two. On this floppy disk contained several files. This post is a breakdown of the files and how to solve their obfuscations.

floppyBeyond this point are spoilers. If you would like to try these challenges before continuing, download the scavdisk.img here.

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The DefCon 22 Scavenger Hunt Final Score

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DC22: Number Station

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Under the table. Not our fault.

Cyberpunk Trolling

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DualD trolling with the boom box and thriller jacket.